For the New Year I have started bringing a Weekly Word that I have received from the Lord. It's a new direction for this blog but one I hope you will like and would love to receive feedback from you with comments. For February, I'm featuring When God Speaks : 40 Days and Nights of His (Amazing) Promises.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Knowing Your Vision is from God

Like most of you, summer has been a fun, busy time of year as I love the sun, swimming, going out with friends and traveling. I've also been finishing the edits of my book, The Dividing Stone, which I hope will make its appearance in October after years of writing.If any of you are a Christian writer, sometimes it takes a long time for your dreams of publication to be realized. I wrote and rewrote this book for years and put it down for years at a time too!

Just when I thought I would abandon getting it published, a publisher came along, twenty years after I'd started the whole project. I believed at the time when I started the novel that the Lord had given me the book to write, and over the years many things confirmed it. Events that I wrote about as a fictional story began to pop up in my actual experiences, like when I visited historical Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts and saw the symbols of the Masons  in their meeting hall and a story about them indicating the room was used for meetings. Many events like this began to happen just before and after I decided to have The Dividing Stone  published.

Sometimes it takes years for visions and prophecies from the Lord to be realized. Often the vision dies, but then is reborn. So don't stop working or believing for something if it truly is from God.I have a friend who has a dream to have a retreat center. Year by year she has made steps towards that vision--buying the land, building the house, getting her degrees needed in the areas she wants to minister, fixing up the rooms, decorating and a thousand other projects.Slowly it is all coming together and she's hosted a few weddings and Bible studies, nothing big yet, but progress. If it is God's will, it will come about.

However, its important first to take the steps that the Lord has spoken to you.The only way you can "test the spirits" is by being in the Word of God, praying and listening for His voice. If your vision or dream doesn't line up with the principles of the Bible then you can know it is not from God. That is the first and most important step. People who hear from God have to be careful not to go off on tangents and veer from biblical truth. Yet that doesn't mean that God never talks to us, gives us visions or aspirations, He does. As we spend more time in His presence and His Word, we get to know God more and can discern whether a calling or vision is from God or not.

We don't always get it right, because it's a learning process. Yet it's important to be open to God's will, not just our own. You can ask some basic questions such as:
  • does it line up with biblical principles?
  • will it help others?
  • will it deepen my relationship with God?
  • will it deepen my relationship with others?
  • do I need to step out in faith?
  • what first steps can I take? 
  • does God want me to bring others on board? 
  • will God receive the glory or myself?
Of course it is always best to pray about what we feel we are being led to do or an opportunity that sometimes just drops in your lap. I had just such an experience. A friend of mine was planning a tour to Israel and invited me. I was excited at first, but when I found out it was not during spring break I declined. Teachers can't usually take off during the school year, but I felt prompted to try. I wrote a letter to the proper administrators and asked for an unpaid leave. I was counseled against doing it, but they did grant it, so I went. It turned out to be a beautiful experience, one that drew me closer to God and others, increased my understanding of the Bible and influenced my writing.

It required sacrifice on my part, but it was worth it.That is another thing you need to take into consideration. How much are you willing to sacrifice or is God trying to stretch your faith? You may not think you can do it or don't have the means, but if you take the first step, God will arrange things if it is His will. I hope this has been helpful. I'd appreciated your comments. You can always leave questions or e-mail me at anitawriter7@yahoo.com

Sunday, July 5, 2015

America, Will You Think of Me Today?

It's been a more mellow fourth of July as I contemplate America's position on many issues and how far she has fallen from the truth. Today the Lord gave me this word in a song to His children.

                America, Will You Think of Me Today?

Will you think of me today My child, the apple of My eye?
Will I be in your thoughts My daughter, anytime from day to night?
Will you hear Me today My child, as I call to the love of My life?
Will you see Me in the trees and flowers, mountains, stars, sea or sky?
Will you know how very much I love you, sons and daughters of mine?
Will gratitude for all My blessings be in your mind?

I gave you everything you wanted—freedom, liberty and life.
I founded your glorious nation
            on the wisdom of My Eye.
My hand guided your founding fathers
            on the Words of My Mind.

Will you remember today, My children
            That I once held you in My arms?
Will you remember Me today, My children?
            As I taught you how to walk.

Will you walk beside Me, Oh My children?
Turn your face back to My Holy Son.
Will you turn your thoughts on Me, My children?
Or will you only cry?
Will you run though fields of grain, My children
            Or will you run and hide?
Will you turn to The light, My children?
            Prodigal son of Mine.

Will you be like My first created child,
Adam, where are you, gone blind?
Will you be like My rebellious nation?
            Once the apple of My eye?
Will you return to those who love Me?
            To My Son who lived and died?
Resurrected on to New life
You too can be, my favored child.
O come back to Me, My glorious Nation
            So once again we can be One.
Return to Me, my favored Nation
Confess My Only Son.

See the blessings I’ve poured out upon you.
It hurts My heart to see you hide.
How you’ve trampled on the freedom I gave you.
I offered you My child.

Listen carefully, My Golden Nation
            Once the apple of My Eye
To the pages of My Holy Word
            History does not lie.
See the downfall of the rebellious nations.
Who turned away their eyes.
            And followed strange gods of their own making,
Golden idols, you have created,
            Replacing truth for a lie.

Be now careful in all your freedom,
For it will turn on you.
Learn the lessons from the pages of history.
            Are coming soon upon you.
Rebellion led many nations to destruction.
Hear what they have to say.

Will you think of Me today, My child
Or tuck Me far away?
Will you walk the way that I have shown you?
            And be ready for that day.
I will return for those who love Me.
All others will be turned away.
Though they cry and scream they knew Me.
Only My Son will be the one to say.
Did you think of Me today My child?
And lead another on The way?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

When God Speaks: His Promise for Resurrection Life

Here is an excerpt of my 40 day devotional:

 When God speaks: 40 Days and Nights of His Promises

But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His spirit who dwells in you.
 Romans 8:11
Here in the Northeast where I live, spring is awaited like a bridegroom for the bride. After a long hard winter of battling freezing cold, snow and ice, the warmth of sunshine defrosts body and soul. Buds form on trees, flowers burst into life, and children are seen playing outside once again. The icy grip of winter is replaced with glorious life.

For the believer, this new life is available every day. The resurrection power that raised Christ from the dead is the same Spirit given to us. Think about that. Jesus suffered terrible physical and emotional pain that led to a torturous death. Yet, evil’s kiss of death could not stop God’s astonishing resurrection power. And we who are children of God have that same life in us!
Christian, lay down your burdens of sorrow and despair and do not look for the Holy One in the tomb. He is no longer there. Christ has conquered death so that you may “have it (life) more abundantly.”John 10:10.

Are there trials and sorrow in life? Surely so, but we do not need to be destroyed by them for Christ has given us the victory. “Yet in all these things (tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril and sword), we are more than conquerors though Him who loved us” Romans 8:37.
As a young Christian I liked to think of myself as a conqueror, though I was riddled with envy, self-pity and pride. I didn’t even know I felt this way until I started facing difficulties, which brought all of these feelings to the surface. As I began to endure some fiery trials of loneliness, rejection and near poverty, I learned how to walk, step by step, in victory. During this time I buried myself in the Word of God and prayer. I learned about the true nature of God, not what others said about Him, and what He wants for me.

It is God’s love that brought me through. Like Paul, I became convinced that nothing “shall separate us (me) from the love of God” Romans 8:15. We cannot only endure our furnaces of affliction, but come out on the other side with pure gold. For these challenges are not intended to kill us, but to burn off the waste products or dross in our lives.

If we can have this view of trials, then bitterness, envy, malice, hatred and strife can be put to death, for these are the enemies of resurrection life. It is these among others, our sin nature, which nailed Christ to the cross. Yet God did not allow sin to keep His Son buried, neither does He want that for His other children. The power of God’s love is strong enough to reach down into our tomb where all our secret sins lay hidden and expose them. Sons and daughters put your sins on the cross where they belong, and allow God’s life to quicken your mortal bodies.

Arise and throw off the grave clothes of depression and despair. Spring has dawned upon the land, and new life will burst through the ground. Behold the first signs are already there. The seed has taken root, and it’s pushing through the earth. The first rays of sunshine can be felt.

Gather your strength Christian, aided by the Son of God, and pick up your head, seedling. A new world full of His Son-shine awaits you!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

God's Homeland

This is a Word the Lord gave me when I arrived in Israel. I believe it is a word for Christians to contemplate.

As you look and gaze upon the land where I birthed My people, drink in the refreshment of My presence. As you walk and touch your feet upon the very ground where My prophets tread, know you are standing on Holy ground. 

For this nation called Israel is My homeland. I choose it to be the home of My people--the place I called Abraham to pitch his tents, the land I called the Israelites to come to through Moses, and told Joshua to conquer and inhabit, and most importantly, the birth place of My Son, Yeshua


Behold the land, the mountains, the plains, the desert and the valleys, the dusty roads that My Son traveled to bring the Good News to all the nations. These are the very hills My Son tread to perform miracles and raise the dead to life, to help the blind see, the crippled walk, the hungry filled and the thirsty quenched.

As you view Jerusalem, know you are looking upon a city that My Son longed to embrace as a mother hen embraces her chicks. Know this is My heart because this is My city and the place I chose as a homeland.  I made a covenant with them, which I will not break no matter their waywardness.
As you have a special love and affinity for your homeland, so too I have a special love and affinity for Israel. It is a place that needed much rebuke and discipline, just as a father rebukes a son. Yet it is also a place that I bless, as a father desires to bless a child and most especially a prodigal.

Though many of My people do not recognize the blessings bestowed upon them come from My hand, someday they will. I am fulfilling what I spoke through the words of David, Isaiah, and Jeremiah. “Sing with joy for Jacob; shout for the foremost of the nations (emphasis mine, Jeremiah 31:8). “Hear the word of the Lord, you nations;proclaim it in distant coast-lands:‘He who scattered Israel will gather them and will watch over his flock like a shepherd.’For the Lord will deliver Jacob and redeem them from the hand of those stronger than they" (v. 10-11). You have already seen the fulfillment of the prophecy and it is continuing to be fulfilled.

Even so I have spoken more of My Word to Israel and your eyes have seen its fulfillment: "They will be like a well-watered garden, and they will sorrow no more. Then young women will dance and be glad, young men and old as well. I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow. I will satisfy the priests with abundance, and my people will be filled with my bounty,” declares the Lord" (Jeremiah 31:12-14). I AM blessing My nation, Israel, and I have  used the new (Christians) to bless the old (Jews).

Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekely Word from the Lord: Return to Me

This is a word the Lord gave me for all my friends, known and unknown, for those who have left Jesus for one reason or another, and for the weary and disheartened.

Return to Me my sons and daughters. Though your sins are as scarlet, I will make them white as new fallen snow. Though you have chased after others gods and drank from leaky cisterns with holes, I am calling you back to Me.

Come buy bread and wine that satisfy and meat that nourishes you. Come back to the foot of the cross and behold all I have done for you. Look upon My face, my hands and feet. I have suffered for you so that you could be cleansed from your iniquities—from prostrating yourself to the gods of convenience, comfort, self-indulgence and pleasure. These are but fleeting, temporary happiness. 

I have deep joy and everlasting peace in My hands and riches for evermore. Do not exchange these for the false pleasures of the earth. Life passes quickly before your eyes and so with it all the things which once brought you happiness. Rely on Me; trust in Me once again.

I am the eternal source of all things good. Every good gift comes from heaven above. 
Pleasures are but fleeting.  Though you pursue them as lovers, they will both devour and evade you. Come sit with me again and hear My voice. Let Me wrap My arms around you. Gaze into My eyes and see the love pouring from Me to you. Contemplate all I have done for you. Come back to Me, my sons and daughters.