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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Historical Setting of The Dividing Stone: Supernatural Suspense in the Hudson Valley

The Dividing Stone is a mix of mystery, supernatural suspense and historical fiction, which starts off on Huguenot street in New Paltz, New York. This historical street, the small town, the cliffs and the hairpin turn near Mohonk Preserve form the backdrop for a number of chapters. The main character is drawn from my experiences as an art student at the college.
 When I began to develop the story line for the book, I wove in some of my own experiences during this time, my research into the history of New Paltz and also Kingston along with what I was inspired to write. Being a lover of  mysteries, I grew up on Nancy Drew,  I embedded this  into the plot and intertwined the supernatural aspects. My writing has been influenced by Frank Perretti,  Agatha Christie, C.S. Lewis and Tolkien.
The major theme of the book is the battle of good vs. evil in as world where dark forces are working overtime to destroy not only the heroine, but any of her kind. The Dividing  Stone is a great read for this time of year, a little spooky with a lot of mystery and suspense.

 Margo Pierson, a young artist with a penchant for truth, sets off to find the identity of a missing ancestor. Unknown to her, she ends up discovering something far more significant—a key stone to a dark secret. Though she doesn’t realize the importance of the hidden message inscribed on it, the heavenly forces do. Stirred by her finding, a host of angelic beings resume an age-old struggle to reveal the truth about the town of New Coven, formerly New Covenant. Margo too is determined to uncover the facts surrounding her secret relative. However, she never thought it would lead her down such an unexpected path. As mysterious events unfold and visions mark her dreams, Margo and her husband Chris are thrust into a battle to expose a secret society’s plans.

Margo stared at the tattered piece of brittle paper in disbelief. A gust of wind almost tore it from her hands, but the cold blast quickly died. Her eyes raced across the faded, amber-colored letter as she struggled to absorb its meaning. She stood transfixed and read the vehement warning written with a fountain pen in red ink. There is a diabolical evil that stalks this town.
Margo raced over and gasped at what was on the other side.“Oh no!” She couldn’t believe her eyes. Encased in a ring of open rectangular designs stood bands of stylized symbols.“Hieroglyphics?"
The Dragon Master of the Dark Abyss breathed fire and summoned all his minions. He roared with a fearsome anger like rolling thunder. “You fools! What bumbling idiot allowed that book to fall into her hands?"

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