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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Flickering Candle Can Still Illuminate the Darkness

My life is a flickering candle. It is not always steady and strong, but flickers with the wind. It grows weak and thin, but is not extinguished, then all is still and quiet and it flames ever upward.It stretches out thin, ever reaching higher, though limited by elements of air and breath. When standing alone, it is one lone candle in the darkness of a cold January night. Yet when joined with others its brightness grows, consuming the darkness and warming the heart.

We are each a candle in the dark night of the soul, but as we join together and help each other we become a luminary of light. Let us place ourselves together in the ring of light that we may grow brighter each day and stretch beyond our own feeble capacity. Yet let us not forget that even as one soitary candle we can join with that one solitary life that illuminated the world and set the flame of the Holy Spirit on fire and consumed all the darkness.

All the darkenss around us can be gobbled up in light as we join our light with His. Stretch forth this New Year beyond the confines of the light you have known thus far and allow the greater light to breath fresh oxygen into your being and ignite your candle.

Though the winds of circumstance may cause you to flicker, your flame will not go out as you are engulfed in His flames. He will reignite your passion for living and shedding light. Whatever path you are on, illuminate it. If it is very dark, then your light is much needed. Do not grow weak and weary, but take time to rest and be rekindled. If you are fortunate to have other candles around you, join together that you may shine even brighter.

Yet remember a flickering candle is better than no candle at all. Be that little bit of light, so others may not trip in the dark. Your light is better than none at all!