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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reconnecting--Doing it God's Way

This morning as I sat down to have my quiet time, an insight flashed across my mind like lightning illuminating the night. The incident yesterday with the interview presented itself in a different light. Perhaps the whole ordeal is an analogy for our interaction with our prodigals. We are speaking with them, then all of a sudden something happens to break down our communication. It can be addictions, depression, chemical changes in the brain, and hardness in the heart or any variety of waywardness. We think they still hear us, so we go on speaking, assured that the communication problem will be easily fixed if we just keep talking, talking talking.

That was my problem yesterday. I thought for sure the technical problem would be resolved because I could hear the interviewer and the audience could hear me. I was hesitant to call in again. It flew in the face of my reasoning. Isn’t that how we sometimes treat our prodigals? We believe we raised them properly so they couldn’t be having the problems they’re beginning to manifest. We are in denial because we are sure we can reason or talk them out of it. At least I thought I could.

I didn’t want to hang up and redial because I was afraid we wouldn’t reconnect, even though the interviewer asked me to do that several times. What kept me from following her advice? First overconfidence rose up assuring me this would quickly be resolved and then fear kept me frozen for a minute. I know that happened to me as I dealt with my son. I didn’t listen to professional advice immediately, believing my prodigal would change. When I realized this problem was not going to fix itself, I prayed. It took a little bit of panic, then I finally surrendered—the same way I handled my prodigal except that it was a torturous ordeal with a lot of panic.

After I prayed and put this situation in God’s hands, I broke off the old connection, and called back. At first we were flustered, maddened and annoyed, but after a few minutes we continued smoothly with a few minor bumps, but at least we were hearing each other.

When I surrendered my prodigal to God, a new connection was established. I felt a greater peace and my heart wasn’t in my throat all the time worrying about him. The change in my son wasn’t immediate; he spiraled further down, but I trusted my Savior would rescue him. Since I placed my prodigal in the Almighty’s hands, He has done an amazing work. We have a few minor glitches in communication, but we both know where to go to resolve it. We take it to the Lord in prayer.

It was prayer that helped resolve the technical issue and reconnect us. Once I was willing to step out and do what the interviewer told me to, not what I thought I should do, we could hear each other again. Maybe your prodigal just can’t hear what you’re saying. I know it’s a frustrating experience, but why not reconnect with God?


  1. I had a conversation with a non-believing family member the other day. She said God is too busy with the bigger things of the universe to deal with our little day-to-day problems. And I thought how sad that her view of God is so limited. . . . Isn't it silly to think that the same God who created millions of galaxies can't crimp his little finger to straighten out the messes of our lives?

    And isn't it amazing that all He wants from us is a conversation? Thank you for this reminder that it's all about honoring our relationship with God. We have the greatest friend in Jesus and yet many of us neglect this wonderful friend in the worst way. And even worse, we treat him like he has limitations like we do. I know if let my level of contact with my girlfriends drop to some of the low levels I have had in prayer time, those friends would have moved on.

  2. Hi from another John 3:16er! It's so nice to meet you and connect here on Blogger! I'm your newest follower ~ Have a great day :)