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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Sweetness of God's Presence

There is nothing sweeter than the presence of the Lord. It is like fine Belgian chocolate or honey from the honeycomb, whichever you prefer. It nourishes you and gives you peace, like nothing else. It fills you up and makes you feel complete. It speaks to you and tells you, God is on the throne. He is in control. The world may be spinning out of control, but a soul yielded to God is in harmony with the maker of all things, with the Word made flesh.

A person who experiences the Holy Spirit knows God’s presence and peace in frightening circumstances. They are able to view their circumstances from an eternal perspective. They get a glimpse of how all things fit together. In other words, they can peek into the past, present and future all at once, while being in step with God and the entire universe; for He is the originator of all things. We will not understand everything, for this world has become very complex and mankind has fallen far from the ideal God originally planned, but there can be a peace knowing that the God of the Universe sees all and has not turned His eye away.

Not all things work out as we planned, for this is much evil prowling about and we too set things into motion that have consequences. Sometimes we are unjustly the recipient of others ungodly actions, but so was Jesus. But in maintaining a relationship with the God of All, we can be assured of His loving kindness for we are the recipients of God’s amazing love—that He sent His beloved Son to breach the gap between us and Him.

On our best and worst days, we do well to remember the very essence of this gift and the amazing love that accompanied the price tag of His life. It is for this reason we are able to experience His sweet presence and sip honey from the honeycomb, extracting sweetness—even from the wretched experiences of our lives. For some, it causes great pain to see what is happening upon this earth, and still we can have great peace in being energized to play an important role in the salvation of mankind, both on this earth and in the world to come.

We are able to participate in helping our neighbors and those around the world, in the capacity to which God has gifted us. And so I write these words to encourage, inspire and perhaps provoke you to thought, since I cannot hand you a bite of what I am eating. Which brings us back full circle to the Belgian chocolate; I just had a piece and must confess the presence of the Lord is even sweeter.