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Monday, July 25, 2011

Author Interview: Cheryl Rogers

Welcome Cheryl to New Life Dialogue. Read about Fast Track to Victory and leave a comment!

God teaches us the lessons of righteousness throughout our lives. Sometimes we learn through adversity; other times through parents, teachers, pastors, Christian friends and books. However we do it, we need to be trained to be more like Christ. One book to help is Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook, a truly unique book by Christian author Cheryl Rogers.

"I try to teach others what I learned the hard way," says Rogers, who surrendered her life to God as an adult while suffering from a devastating illness. "It is my desire to help spare others the grief and emptiness that comes from not having God in their lives."

Rogers went to church every Sunday but didn't have a real relationship with God -- until she succumbed to Environmental Illness and exhausted known medical remedies. There is no cure for the severe immune disorder and she was at her wit's end when she surrendered her life.

"I'd said the salvation prayer years earlier but didn't really have the faith to back it up," she recalls. "My life didn't change. I hardly ever read the Word and didn't know Jesus our Savior IS the Word."

Although her situation was quite challenging, God immediately changed her circumstances and began healing her body. She became stronger and stronger until she received deliverance five months later. "I surrendered my life, but God gave it back to me, with a new purpose," she says. "He has radically changed my thinking."

A former journalist, Rogers now works as a free-lance writer and has authored several Christian titles, among them Fast Track to Victory, which teaches practical lessons like how to really love and forgive others.

"We're often taught we have to forgive because we've been forgiven," Rogers says. "But how can we really do that? The only way is to know the truth that sets us free from unforgiveness."

Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook also teaches how to deal with fear, tragedy and death and many other relevant issues people encounter in their everyday lives. Its target readers are all God seekers, especially new and young Christians eager to run the race set before them. The 40-lesson, non-denominational devotions book seeks to encourage Christians to spend time daily with God.

"Not everyone really likes to read, so Fast Track gives them a morsel they can mull over, pray over and apply to their lives," Rogers says. A free preview can be downloaded here.

Cheryl's other books include:

* Just Like Jonah Wail Tales, a short story collection aimed at preteens and teens that teaches there is a price to pay when you disobey. The modern-day characters learn, just like Jonah did in the Bible, that they can land in a whale of trouble for not doing what God says. Download a free preview.

* I Can See Christian Storybook Treasury, a truly unique storybook collection, has stories for toddlers through teens. The initial story is meant to be read by a parent or caregiver as the child learns about his or her world. Each story progresses with deeper and deeper questions of faith, including why Jesus came to Earth and why Jesus had to die. Its goal? To dispel doubts about God that develop as children grow. Download a free preview.

* Making Choices: Life is Like Acorns is a Bible study aimed at children 5 to 10 years old. It involves a baby squirrel named Peepsy who is learning how to hunt for acorns. Children learn 1) things are not always what they appear to be and 2) God looks at the heart.

Rogers also publishes New Christian Books Online Magazine, a magazine featuring announcements for new kingdom-building books as well as book excerpts, book reviews, a Bible-based living column, author marketing tips and more.

Her books are 25% off during the blog tour at New Christian Books Online Store and Smashwords.com.