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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Interview with author of Mission Possible--Deborah McCarragher

What inspired you to craft this insightful volume?

I was involved with a local intercessory prayer group at the time, and was prompted by God during prayer to write down what He was conveying to me about my husband and his salvation. It was quite literally written while inspired, and without much effort on my part. I just typed on the computer as He led me to bible verses and topics to talk about. I remember writing down the names of the (7) chapters during prayer time on a tablet - just looking at them afterwards in awe. It was quite a moving experience.

The book is anchored strongly in sound scriptural support. Did you perform much research prior to putting it together?

Yes I did, however, I was also fortunate to be part of an inter-denominational, comprehensive bible study (BSF - Bible Study Fellowship) for seven years which gave me much of my bible study background as a new believer. I have always loved God's Word since I met Jesus in 1989 at the age of 33. As I wrote the book, God would lead me to a verse I was familiar with, or I would read something that day that would remind me of something I had studied earlier. Practical application was always prompted by the Lord in my prayer and devotional time.

What primary advice do you have for women who are married to "non-believing" husbands?

I think the most important advice is to have faith in Who God Is and His sovereignty. We can't "pre-package" our spouse's conversion experience, and God will always do what will bring Him the "most glory". We also have to remember that we don't wrestle against flesh and blood. Our spouse (if unsaved) isn't governed by God's Spirit - so we have to release them from that accountability. We must have faith that rests in God and not in our own understanding. We must not rely on our signt.

Have you had the opportunity to share the book with church groups or congregations?

I have shared at my home church in ladies bible study groups and Sunday school classes briefly, but not in a large forum as yet. I plan on pursuing a strategy of contacting local churches and introducing myself and my book to women's ministry leaders this year. I would to share my personal testimony with others and bring hope and encouragement to women who are hurting and frustrated.

What kinds of reactions has the book generated thus far?

I have had great reaction to my little book. Some women love it because it is not lengthy, and they can read it quickly - yet refer back to it over & over again. One woman emailed me a testimony that she was nearly ready to leave her husband, but after reading the book, felt that God was leading her to give her marriage another try. That was very humbling and gratifying for me. I just want to help women see that there is an alternative to being miserable in an unequally yoked marriage.

What's the main message that you'd like readers to take away from it?

I would love readers to discover that God has a plan for each marriage that is in spiritual disunity. It involves us, but it is always done HIS WAY! I want readers to know that it is a process that evolves over time, that we must not put God in a box, but give Him room to move in our spouse's life. They need to know that because we are not perfect and continue to sin, that satan will try to discourage and influence us to believe that our "mission" is not possible - but with God, all things are possible!

Please share more with us about your publishing company, Alabaster Box Publishing.

I formed my company, Alabaster Box Publishing Inc. so I could self-publish my book "Mission Possible". My company's mission is to minister to women who are married to men that don't share their passion for Jesus, and give them hope & encouragement in their marriage through my book. My company's motto is "Books to stir your mind, and stretch your soul!"

What's next for you?

I am working on another book that is completely different from my first book. It is titled "Trees of the Bible - A Spiritual Journey". It will feature various trees in scripture and talk about their significance in the Bible. It features their Hebrew name and their scientific designation. There is an excerpt on my website.

How can our readers learn more about you and your ongoing efforts?

They can visit my website at www.Alabasterboxpublishing.com or my Blog page at www.Godmissionpossible.blogspot.com. Email at deb@alabasterboxpublishing.com.
My book is available through my website (above) & at Amazon.com http://bit.ly/bUrtgA as well as several other online retailers. It can also be ordered at any Christian bookstore. I have my book available in (4) forms: as a trade paperback, audio book on CD, as an EBook, and as a downloadable MP-3 file.

Any final thoughts you'd like to share?

Just that I know how difficult it is to be married to a spouse who doesn't share your love and devotion to the Lord Jesus. I, like many of my readers, get frustrated and disillusioned, but I know God has perfect timing and our best interests at heart overall. He wants our spouses to come to a saving knowledge of Him and embrace a future together that brings glory to Him.