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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Praying for God's Will

This picture was taken at the Vatican Museum. It's very beautiful and impressive in size. Why include this in this post? It's a good place to consider the true will of God.

For many years I was very concerned about doing things in God's will and read a number of books on this subject. I was fearful about NOT doing His will, but I have found through the years that there are different levels of God's will and praying for it. There is his permissive will, which gives us a lot of room to kind of pardon the expression, hang ourselves, but God understands our weaknesses and works those things into the fabric of our lives. "Thy will be done" is in the beginning of the well known "Our Father" and sets the tone for the day, as we release circumstances into His hands and pray for His presence in our lives, then the fear and worry dissolves. I often pray for God's perfect will, but that is something only He can accomplish and it isn't something we can push or strive for, though we can certainly pray for it. However, I do believe God wants us to pray for specifics concerning His will. We are in this relationship with God together. It's a give and take situation.Prayer is communication and getting to know our God. I don't think God wants us to spend less time praying, but less time fretting,worrying and praying manipulative prayers, which leaves us more time to pray effective prayers, which are found in His Word. There are so many great examples of this which I use in Letters to God on a Prodigal Son. I'll include some of them in my next post.

Anyway, I use to think God's will was static, but I'm seeing that it's much more fluid. I believe there are many options we can take that are within His will. He does want us to make decisions, we're not puppets, but when we ask for His guidance we're allowing Him into the equation.He uses many methods to direct us into His will, and I'm glad for this because He is an amazingly creative God, not a limiting as some would like to think. Yet, there are some definite things that are not His will, like destroying ourselves or others, but it's so amazing even in this He will work out for good!