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Friday, April 6, 2012

Poem: The Cross Over

Here's a poem I wrote, then lost when my computer crashed and I rewrote it a little differently. (It forms a cross, but it doesn't work that way on this blog.)

The Cross Over
by Anita Estes
The frozen waste land
relinquishes its icy grip
to the seasons of earth—
with softened clod of spring.
Seeds planted in tilled soil
of both heart and soul that
spring forth with new life.
Faith grows like potatoes
hidden in the ground
beneath our toes, as
Love stretched out His arms this wide and showed humanity the path of flesh to God. Bridging the gap between celestial shores and the feet of clay in which He fashioned us.Then called us into this new life with Christ
Walking across the spanned
bridge, man makes the--
leap, as bloody footsteps
lead the way across the
pierced path,while winged
feet fly, as angels
wings bring us heavenward
beyond reason and rhyme or
man’s intellectual probing,
to the celestial sphere,
where eyes behold what
the pupil cannot see.

The seed was planted in
times and times again.
Yet soil softened with
the spring rains… can
become hardened with
the heat of summer’s
baked clay. Birds can
steal seed and gusts
blow it away, but one
good seed will provide
enough food for many
days, or will the snake
slither and steal this
seed away? Or will the
farmer's hoe pat it down
beneath fertile soil
of a regenerated heart,
Resurrected to a new
and living way?