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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Day After

Yesterday was my son's wedding and it was a very beautiful one. Anyone who knows Aaron will understand why it was particularly inspiring since he was once a prodigal who returned to God and is now transformed. He married a wonderful Christian girl from Ecuador and their vows were amazing. Today they left for their honeymoon, and I was left with an empty nest.

My sister warned me that it would hit, but I didn't realize how soon. I wandered around the house looking for what needed to be done next for the wedding, only to find everything had been accomplished. My daughter, who was visiting for the wedding, was going to spend time with me, but she needed my car for a job interview.I was stuck at home, so I put some Christian music on and did some light housework. The songs on the radio ministered to my "the day after the party" blues. It was none other than "Jesus, Lover of My Soul" and "All I Need is Jesus." I sat down (almost for the first time this summer) and absorbed the meaning of the words.

I've had a very wonderful and busy summer, especially since my son's fiance lived with us for six weeks,and I showed her around our beautiful Hudson Valley. But now everyone's gone. What it all boils down to is that the only one who remains with us all the time is Jesus. He's the only one who makes us truly whole. He's the true lover of our soul. He can fill us with His presence whether we're in a crowded room or alone. All the business of the summer was fun and it was great to see friends at the wedding from years ago, but they cannot be with me all the time. In those quiet moments when I tend to sometimes be lonely, only God can sustain me. He's all I need, whether I'm happy or sad, with my friends and family or not.

I often think that I'm so blessed to have great friends and a wonderful family, which always lifts my spirits. I know all this is a blessing from the Lord.I don't want to be a spoiled Christian, though I feel like it sometimes when I think of our persecuted brothers and sisters who suffer so much in other countries for their belief in God and Jesus. Thinking about how much we're blessed living in America helps me to put things in perspective. All of what we experience is so temporary anyway. It's what we carry into eternity that counts--how much we allowed Jesus to transform us into the image and likeness of His Son. It brings me such great joy to see how much my son is allowing Jesus to do that in his life.It's another one of those countless blessings.

Why it might be an odd way to cope with empty nest syndrome, I've found contemplating the blessings of God and meditating on Him is the best cure for almost everything!