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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Willy’s Christmas Eve Visitor- Part 1

I lost the formatting as a poem, but I invite your comments about the story.

I watched as a lone man walked briskly along a dark alley,
his black collar stood up,
braced against the cold of the bleak night.
After tucking my angel’s wings under my robe, I donned a suit.
Suddenly I appeared before the human.
“Hey you, Willy, walking with your head down, and
shoulders stooped in de feet. Did you hear the Good News?”
I tried to use some street talk, but…
Willy just walked on by, so I repeated myself little louder.
“Hey Willy, did you hear the Good News.”
He stopped for a moment and glanced up my way.
I saw the fright in his eyes as he looked up and down my
Seven foot form,
but he covered his alarm and adopted a tough guy attitude,
straightening his shoulders and looking me right in the eye.
“Hey, how do you know my name, bud?
I avoided his question and asked again. “I said, old man, did you hear the Good News!”

Willy started walking again and answered with disdain.
“There ain’t no good news I know of.”
I angelically replied. “Sure you do.
People all over the world are getting ready
to celebrate that night when
Darkness was knocked out cold
from a brilliant flash of light.”

Willy looked up, but not at me. His eyes smoldered.
“Sounds like that feeble, outdated tale about Christmas!”
He shook his head and raised his fist.
“I hate it. So much pressure to buy garbage that people don’t need.
You call that good news!”
I looked into Willy’s weary eyes.
“So you’ve forgotten?
People have been messing up God’s Good News for years,
But if you listen to what the angels said that night, you’d get it right.”

“Angels? Those fantasies from hyper emotional egotistical zealots
trying to sell their bogus stories to the weak willed?”
A little surprised at his reply, I made a quick query of
television shows.
“No, not Charlie’s angels Willy, real angels. Like me and Gabriel.”
Willy stopped short and shouted.
“You’re nuts! Get out of here and leave me alone!
I know that sappy show you’re talking about and it’s not Charlie’s Angels.
It’s the one about that ridiculous excuse for an angel who tries to save that
pathetic human, loving, being. That’s Hollywood smooze for you.”

“No Willy Lowman, it’s just another reality that you’re blinded to.”
Willy’s face grew bright red. And his nose reminded me of a
fairy tale about a reindeer.
“Hey, I’m not blind. I see you and I’m gonna sic the police on you
buddy, for harassment.” Willy began to run away, but I fluidly followed.
He stopped when he saw a police car and tried to signal them,
Then pointed squarely at me.
“Willy don’t do this!” I warned. They can’t see me.
They’ll think you’re a lunatic.”

The police car slowed down as Willy waved his arms.
“You’re the lulu!” He screamed.
The marked car stopped and the officer rolled down his window.
“What seems to be the problem here?”
Willy pointed to me, “That guys harassing me!”
“What guy? The officer looked around.
“That one!” He screamed. “Are you blind?”
“Hey, watch how you’re talking to me,
or you’ll be spending the night in the slammer!”

Willy grew more frantic. He ran around to the other side of the car
and tapped on the window.
“Officer, your buddy needs glasses. There’s this big brute of
a guy harassing me and he can’t see him. Will you get that goon off my back!”
The officer rolled down the window.
“Stop flashing that bright light at me or
you’ll be the one with the harassment charge!”

Willy looked around, but saw no bright light. “The two of you are a
Pair of fools! I’m outta here!
“Oh no you’re not!” said the other officer who had gotten out of the car.
He grabbed Willy by the collar
and shoved him in the back of the vehicle.

I slipped in beside the trembling Willy. He moved away.
“I told you they couldn’t see me.” I whispered.
Willy knocked frantically on the glass separating him from the police.
“Hey, can’t you see him.” He pointed in my face and shouted.
“He got in the car with me!”
The officer turned around and laughed. “He must be skunk drunk.”
He told his buddy. “Get out the breath-o-lie-ser.
We’ll give him the test when we get to the station. We’ll tell
The chief this guy was disturbing the peace on Christmas Eve!”
Willy couldn’t hear them, but he saw they were talking
and stopped knocking.
He flipped open his phone and made a call.
Willy put up his middle finger at me and
left a message for someone on his phone.

I felt so bad for Willy, knowing that his wife would be upset,
thinking that he had gone out
drinking again, wasting himself…it was true.
Now they’re going to charge him with two crimes
and probably throw the book at him to boot!
If only it was a Bible, but they don’t allow them anymore,
That’s part of the problem…
But I knew My chief has something up his sleeve, sending me
out to this poor dejected soul who once believed
as a child.