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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Power of Love

Here is an excerpt from When God Speaks. With Holy Week approaching us I thought it would be a good reminder of God's powerful Love.

Love, love, love… everybody sings about it, writes novels about it, watches movies about it, marries for it, and wants it, but what is true love? The Bible tells us, God is love and that He demonstrated His love by sending His Son into the world to die for us while we were still sinners John 3:16. Imagine that kind of love! A love that endured the pain of crucifixion for those who hated Him, denied Him, and spat on Him.

God’s love is so powerful that He reaches down while we’re still kicking and screaming, “I hate you” and touches us with compassion. When we stop long enough to listen, we can hear His whispers of love. In the Song of Solomon, an allegory representing Christ and the church, God calls us to “Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away” (2:10). He calls us to emerge from the miry clay and join Him in heavenly places, to walk with Him in the Garden of Eden, and upon the highest mountaintops—far away from the dust and ash of this decaying world. He wants us to enjoy the sweet refreshment of His loving presence, as a husband with a wife. Yet, He bids us to go back into the world and declare His love.

As His children, we have the opportunity every day to hear the words of our Beloved and let Him reveal His plan. Although we cannot fully comprehend it, we can embrace that portion for which He gives us understanding or vision. It is like looking out at the constellations on a starry night. Although this is only one small galaxy in a vast universe, its beauty and complexity is enough to inspire us to reach heights we never before contemplated.

When we commune with the God of love, we can achieve the impossible for “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:6). Missionaries go beyond their human abilities on a regular basis. They venture into potentially dangerous situations and share the love of God. We too can be agents of love in our families, neighborhoods, and on our jobs. We can reach out in love and forgiveness, as Christ did, to a hateful, dying world.

Recently, my daughter’s high school had an assembly in which a former policeman spoke on the power of forgiveness. While on duty someone shot him, and he became disabled. The assailant was apprehended and sent to jail. The victim, who was a Christian, befriended his attacker. Even though the officer was confined to a wheelchair because of this incident, he reached out to the young man in love and forgiveness. The two became friends, transforming the whole situation. As a speaker, he addresses students throughout the country on this important subject, and he wrote a book. It’s an amazing story. God’s love empowered the situation, giving him the ability to forgive.
God’s love can transform the most destitute situations. A good friend of mine goes frequently on short-term mission trips to the Philippines. For years, the house where they stay outside of Manila floods in the rainy season. In spite of this, they continue to go and minister to the people and the children who live on the outskirts of the huge garbage cities. Their love was so powerful that his family decided to adopt a young Filipino girl. She has now grown up to be a beautiful, well-adjusted young lady. God’s love transformed her once fragile life because of the love of His children toward her. The Almighty Father’s love is the most powerful force on earth and in heaven too!