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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Spiritual Epiphany

I have been writing and blogging for a number of years, but today I had an epiphany. Though I keep a journal and record what God speaks into my heart, I rarely share what He speaks to me personally, even in my book When God Speaks. For over thirty years I've been getting words from the Lord that are similar to God Calling and Jesus Calling. Today I will begin sharing some of them with you.The one for January is as follows:

The culture of what was once a glorious land is crumbling all around you. Its foundation of faith has been breached. You must stand in the gap and pray for an outpouring of My Holy Spirit to overpower and wash away evil first from the church and then from the nation. I invite you to pray for My will to be done. Don't worry or concern yourself with immediate results--it is up to Me to soften hearts. This has become a hard hearted land, so it will take much prayer. Talk less and pray more.

Some will say, "We have heard this word before and see only more destruction. We are heading to the end of the age and are fulfilling Bible prophecy." This is true, but it is not for you to know when I return. The mission of the church is not to fold and retreat.It is to pray at all times and in all ways. Pray while you are driving, walking the dog, talking on the phone. Pray in the work place,in your homes and in church. Pray at the workbench, the counter, the computer. Pray in your prayer closet and in your neighborhood. Endless possibilities exist. Be creative. Shout it from the rooftops. Read the paper, on-line and while people speak to you of scandal, evil doings and impending disaster.

Sharpen your swords and wield My word so you will know what to pray. This is not a time for retreat, but to advance the Kingdom of God in all the earth. Let your lips be purified and your heart pierced until you know you can do nothing on your own.Rely wholly on Me to give you the words to speak . Trust Me to do everything that needs to be accomplished in you, then step out in faith.

Do not go into the world in your own strength. You will be chopped down. Pray and go out in the spirit of holiness and love. I sent My Son to show you the example. He did not condemn the world, but neither did He embrace its unholiness. Let the Holy Spirit convict the world of its sin. Follow in His footsteps. Retreat for a time to the mountains, the desert, and the hills to pray. Then go forth into the valleys of despair, hopelessness and pain. Bind the wounds of the brokenhearted. Fill them up with My love, not your own. Know that you can only accomplish the eternal with Me at the helm. This will take much work to surrender fully to Me. Allow yourself to be broken so that I may pour out my fragrance of frankincense and healing balms to a dying world.