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Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekly Word: The Furnace of Affliction Produces Joy

If you are in the "furnace of affliction" allow Me to refine you for my purposes. I have placed you there for a very special reason. How else, as such a blessed people, can you grow in My ways? I have given you every earthly and "spiritual blessing." It is the inward work that I want to accomplish in you. To form in you character, the fruits of the spirit, and the imprint of My Son's hands, reaching out in love and healing towards others.

These cannot be formed when everything is going your way. Suffering builds strength of character and turns your head away from the things of the world, to Me. If you allow this companion to do the work I have intended, He will draw you closer to Me.

You have so many "good" and "bad" things to choose from. Sometimes the good can be the enemy of the "best." I intend the best for your life, for eternal purposes to be formed in you. Whatever circumstances you are in can be the very thing I am choosing to refine you. Here are some guidelines to follow to know if this is from My hand and will benefit you in the end.

Will My name be glorified by applying 1 Corinthians 13 love to the situation? If so, you will grow in unconditional love and reflect the Son. You will develop strength of character and love, thereby able to bear all things, believe all good things and hope for the best in Me.

Secondly, will your soul prosper by learning to "count it all joy when you encounter various trials"? If so, yield to Me. Let me do a work that will produce great joy. You will learn how to draw from the deep wellsprings of joy. How privileged are you!

Thirdly, will others see what you are going through an be encouraged in the faith by your actions and attitude? If so,. you are on the right path. Do not seek escape. I know your sorrow, but in my timing all sorrow and sighing will flee away. You will rejoice with a joy greater than you have ever known.

"I have refined you, but not as sliver. I have tested you in the furnace of affliction. For my own sake, for My own sake, I will do it" (Isaiah 48: 10-11).