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Sunday, July 5, 2015

America, Will You Think of Me Today?

It's been a more mellow fourth of July as I contemplate America's position on many issues and how far she has fallen from the truth. Today the Lord gave me this word in a song to His children.

                America, Will You Think of Me Today?

Will you think of me today My child, the apple of My eye?
Will I be in your thoughts My daughter, anytime from day to night?
Will you hear Me today My child, as I call to the love of My life?
Will you see Me in the trees and flowers, mountains, stars, sea or sky?
Will you know how very much I love you, sons and daughters of mine?
Will gratitude for all My blessings be in your mind?

I gave you everything you wanted—freedom, liberty and life.
I founded your glorious nation
            on the wisdom of My Eye.
My hand guided your founding fathers
            on the Words of My Mind.

Will you remember today, My children
            That I once held you in My arms?
Will you remember Me today, My children?
            As I taught you how to walk.

Will you walk beside Me, Oh My children?
Turn your face back to My Holy Son.
Will you turn your thoughts on Me, My children?
Or will you only cry?
Will you run though fields of grain, My children
            Or will you run and hide?
Will you turn to The light, My children?
            Prodigal son of Mine.

Will you be like My first created child,
Adam, where are you, gone blind?
Will you be like My rebellious nation?
            Once the apple of My eye?
Will you return to those who love Me?
            To My Son who lived and died?
Resurrected on to New life
You too can be, my favored child.
O come back to Me, My glorious Nation
            So once again we can be One.
Return to Me, my favored Nation
Confess My Only Son.

See the blessings I’ve poured out upon you.
It hurts My heart to see you hide.
How you’ve trampled on the freedom I gave you.
I offered you My child.

Listen carefully, My Golden Nation
            Once the apple of My Eye
To the pages of My Holy Word
            History does not lie.
See the downfall of the rebellious nations.
Who turned away their eyes.
            And followed strange gods of their own making,
Golden idols, you have created,
            Replacing truth for a lie.

Be now careful in all your freedom,
For it will turn on you.
Learn the lessons from the pages of history.
            Are coming soon upon you.
Rebellion led many nations to destruction.
Hear what they have to say.

Will you think of Me today, My child
Or tuck Me far away?
Will you walk the way that I have shown you?
            And be ready for that day.
I will return for those who love Me.
All others will be turned away.
Though they cry and scream they knew Me.
Only My Son will be the one to say.
Did you think of Me today My child?
And lead another on The way?