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Thursday, July 7, 2016

The God Attraction

Once a moth for the summer, I'll be posting interviews with exciting, new Christian authors. My July author is Craig Merrett, author of  The God Attraction--a Christian non-fiction piece that deals with healing  and inspiration through the Law of Attraction.Here's what he has to say about himself and his book:

Upon launching a start-up business in my early 20’s, I began to research innovation, entrepreneurism, and business principles.  I distinctively remember being floored that the vast majority of the books in the business section of book stores and libraries were littered with content that dealt with psychology, spiritualism, and faith principles. Shockingly, I soon discovered that this content was basically the bible regurgitated - with a glaring omission: God. I was stunned that the teachings of Jesus and the faith principles of the bible had merely been paraphrased and wrapped into a secular packaging. And of course, people were benefiting!       

Upon meeting and researching many of the world most successful and wealthy I learnt that they made no secret of attributing their success to these faith principle and yet I found the lack of acknowledgment towards God stunning, and even rude. God’s instruction, methods, and divine laws of blessed and prosperous success principles were utilized with passion and yet He was omitted and overlooked.         

Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 release, The Secret, exemplified this approach of embracing the gifts buts overlooking the Gift Giver, of celebrating God’s hand, but not looking at His face.   
The wisdom that God has shared with us in truly breathtaking and I am humbled to be just one of many vessels to shed a light on His Law of Attraction. Additionally however, the mandate of this book is to not sell our selves short -  as captivating as The Law of Attraction is, the true prize, the greatest Attraction is God from whom such wonderful laws flow.
In discovering the Creator the greatest discovery is found. This book offers a fresh perspective of operating in harmony with and by God’s spiritual laws through intimate partnership with Himself.


As we parked out the front, my wife and I realized that we had not seen our investment property together since we had purchased it 17 months earlier. A pleasant sea breeze gently floated past and we could not believe that in the middle of summer with vacancy rates at a low of 1.5% that our coastal unit had been untenanted for 17 weeks. After week upon week rolled into months we realized we simply could no longer keep the issue out of sight and out of mind and merely just hope for the best. Seeking God’s direction in prayer over this anomaly He spoke to us through my brother: there was a blockage in the spiritual realm and we had to visit the property and pray.
We decided enough was enough. The night previous, Melissa decreed that a tenant would be found and signed up that very next day.

Never mind that it was already 1pm in the afternoon, as we sat in the car my wife boldly reaffirmed her proclamation that we would gain a tenant and have them signed up that day. I entered into agreement and we found ourselves saying three times “It’s done”.

At 7:30 pm that evening my property manager called, the first we’ve heard from them in several weeks: a good tenant had been found, signed the papers, and had moved in that very day!
The pattern that is Attraction shares a common thread: it responds to things that you release. Thoughts, visions, words and emotions are all living and active vibrations of energy – they are all things! In this same vein faith to is a thing, a moving and abiding substance: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:11).
When faith is activated it points to a reality before it is physically seen, evidencing the wonder that is belief and its fusion of trust, confidence, and assurance. Just as tangible as the other faculties of Attraction in your possession, like a WiFi hotspot the force that is faith is invisible yet connects you with outcomes.

Faith gathers determined intention and wilful belief and releases this frequency. Importantly, that which you have faith for is always secondary to what you have faith in: it must have an object. What is your faith in? It is not much good if you have a living and full faith if your faith is placed into something that leads to death and emptiness.

Faith in yourself, others, possession, career, or even in faith itself is like a puppy dog chasing its tail in circles – there will be a lot of activity with little lasting results. Not only can your own expectations be imperfect, but humans and their decisions, are also imperfect. Only the Perfect object of faith can stave of disappointment. Only the Immutable stands firm admits life’s shifting sands. Inevitably it is the Perfect Source of Attraction, our Father God whom is the object of our faith, for He gives, guides, and sustains faith. Real faith is therefore relational and personable, built upon His faithfulness.

Author bio: An ever inquisitive mind, Craig has spent years carefully crafting a mosaic of rich philosophy through his study of the positive faith, mind-set and action connection and marrying these insights into practical living. With a message on his heart and an anointing to share rich and deep insights, Craig’s book ‘The God Attraction: A fresh revelation of the Law of Attraction’ can be found on Amazon
The God Attraction: A fresh revelation of the Law of Attraction - Kindle edition by Craig Merrett. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The God Attraction: A fresh revelation of the Law of Attraction.