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Saturday, January 21, 2017

On Hearing God's Voice

When you come to the end of yourself and see how much you need God, you may begin the journey of knowing Him. As in any relationship, if you want it to grow, you need to spend time both talking and listening to God. Be transparent with Him, for He knows you heart already.

If pride is at the core of your being, along with rebellion, He will search it out. Jesus had little tolerance for the pride of the Pharisees nor ours. He does not speak to a heart full of self, unless to bring it into the light and hopefully cause a desire for repentance.

A contrite or humble heart is necessary to cultivate a relationship with God, and to hear His voice clearly, though at times He will even use the ungodly to speak His truth. He used a donkey to speak to Balaam when he was about to curse Israel.

God can speak to whomever and through whom He chooses, but a soft heart will hear His voice more frequently as he or she pursues knowing God. Yet God does not speak in the same way to all His children. He may come softly or boldly depending on the message and the personality, if He so chooses.

There are many competing voices out there and God will not vie with them.He silences them all. How then does he speak to you? His voice is often accompanied by the quickening of the Holy Spirit so that you can discern it is Him.He often uses the Holy Spirit to speak to you about the truth of scripture. This is one way He speaks to us, but what does He say?

He affirms His Word and His promises. He gives direction and clarity on important issues. He gives encouragement. At times, He rebukes or admonishes when necessary to cause a turning around to the truth. He can assure you of a decision you are trying to make or have made. He can show you if it is His will or not. He may call you into full time ministry, or into a particular service. He can speak to individuals, an assembly or the church.

God's voice can come to you in various ways. It can whisper into your heat, awaken your mind to see truth or sound a clarion call to the church. It can rise up in you in such a way that it can't be suppressed, as in a prophecy or it can be like a bubbling brook or flowing stream.

In the matter of discerning God's voice from all others, pray for wisdom. Know He will never contradict His Word, but can expand on it as it aligns with His truth.His words will affirm scripture, though they may contradict the world's way of thinking.

The Holy spirit and the expressed word of God work hand in hand with each other.Their hands are on the plow and they desire to break up the clogs in your life, in others, in the church, the nation and in the world.Never turn away from a word God has given you, but keep plowing. Move ahead, following Him, the Word of God and His word to you.

Always pray for wisdom and be on the alert for false doctrine. He will teach you how to discern the voice of truth if you take the time and are willing to learn. Develop an intimate relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.These are merely some thoughts on hearing from God, but never put God's way of working in your life into a formula. Stand by His principles and listen.

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