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Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Moment in Eternity

When I first started writing, I expressed myself through poetry. Every now and then,  I am inspired to write another one. This was based on an actual experience pictured here. Let me know what you think.

A Moment in Eternity
by Anita Estes

I walked on silvery clouds today,
past emerald fields waving in the wind,
spinning gold threads for
Creations' unfolding tapestry.

I strolled on silvery clouds today,
while winds whispered celestial tunes,
and angels parted tall, glistening grasses,
to make way for The King of Kings,
Who sits upon
a carved throne of Thornwood
smoothed soft as cotton.

I flew upon silvery clouds today,
past high hills floating in the sky,
to a crowning castle perched atop  the apex of  dreams,
carved of  wood and cross beams,
intertwining vines and vistas of
The King dancing with His Glorious Bride.

I swam on silvery clouds today,
opening their treasures in the sky,
dancing with the glistening sun
of diamonds on the waves of the water.
The River of life flowing from the mountains
down the valley, spilling
shiny coins along its banks.

I knelt on silvery clouds today,
collecting precious coinage;
as God whispered from
His golden throne,
all creation joined in a
heavenly dance.
The tree branches waved and raised
their boughs to the
King of The Universe.
And even one, such as I was not out of step.

I sang on silvery clouds today,
as my heart's voice chimed in
with the chorus of the birds and beasts.
As angels spread their wide wings,
across the indigo sky singing.
While the warp and weft of the Master's shuttle,
wove, His feet tread on blood red timber.

I floated on silvery clouds today
as time stood still.
the sun did not set,
suspended in a moment;
caught in an eternity of shining, silver strands.
 A  glistening river of love,
spilled from the heavens
to one such as I.
To one, even such as I.
As I beheld the eye of eternity,
for a future moment.