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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mentoring Moms and Adoption

A number of years ago a young college student became my first experience with the Mentoring Moms program at the Pregnancy Support Center of Ulster County in New Paltz. She was in need of guidance and a birthing coach and so I filled in. Because of her living situation and her many needs, she came to live with me and my family. She was a challenge, but God gave me love and patience for her. Once she gave birth, she eventually moved out. As much as the Pregnancy Center and I tried to help her, mothering was very difficult for her having grown up in an alcoholic family. After much anguish, she decided to put her son up for adoption. This was the best thing she could have done. You can read all about her story and many other great stories of hope and healing in Deliver Me, a book by Dianne E. Butts. You can order the book on-line or contact me for discounts.