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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Heading South and Riding the Waves

Two weeks ago my husband and I set out for North Carolina for spring vacation. My husband couldn't wait to get out of NY, but the long drive had him singing another tune. It was definitely a case of the grass looks greener on the other side until you get there. Yet we did have some good times. I enjoyed the beautiful vistas down the Blue Ridge Parkway and he loved white water rafting. It was definitely exciting--class four rapids!
But that was two weeks ago, and now the excitement is over and it's back to work at the most difficult time of years and my emotions are heading south--feeling a little blue.
Eventhough nature is as beautiful as can be,and I enjoy teaching art during this time: magnolia trees, Impressionist artists, clay horses, Mother's Day gifts and all, this feeling creeps up on me. That's emotions for you. When you rely on them, they take you for a ride. So the thing to do is take them for a ride! Get out your surfboard, spiritually speaking, and ride those waves!! What helps me to surf my emotions and not get caught under them? The only reliable surfboard I know is Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Just today I was reading about how the spirit washes us and renews us.I have to believe that even if I don't feel it right now. As I trust that God knows what He's doing, I can see the waves coming and not panic. I can grab hold of my spiritual surfboard, Jesus, and place my feet on Him. If I don't know how to do that, the Holy Spirit can give me the wisdom and show me how to balance my life and emotions so I don't fall over.It might take a few times, all right, quite a number of times,but eventually I'll get the hang of it. So, if your emotions are heading for some tidal waves or rapids, head for your surfboard. Take them for a ride. You might even have fun.