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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Than Just a Faux Pax

Everything was coming together nicely for redecorating our livingroom. Last year we had a beautiful bay window installed, which opened up the room. This year we were getting new doors and carpeting along with the ceiling and trim painted. I had chosen a warm ginger color that I thought would match the rug according to the sample I had. The old rug was ripped out, and the trim was painted.

The new rug arrived the next day and was installed, but to my chagrin it had more of a pink tinge then the sample, and clashed with the ginger colored trim! I thought I had matched it well,and brought the sample chip home, but it looked different with the whole carpet and changing light from the window.

As I was lamenting my mistake--a true faux pax for an art teacher, I realized I should have brought the actual sample in to match it. But even that didn't truly portray the real color of the rug once installed. Then it hit me. The Holy Spirit sent me a real zinger as we call them in our women's group. I was like the rug sample!

I sometimes clash with the values and hues of Jesus, caught up in my own little world. I might look like Jesus in small doses, like the sample, but once I'm exposed to the light--it's a different story. I don't harmonize with Jesus outside of church as much as I do inside. Ouch! That hurts.

I'm not patient with the snippy receptionist or the installers who scraped my newly painted baseboards or the police officer who stopped me for speeding. Do I show them the love and compassion of Jesus? Not always.

Am I an imitator of Christ 24/7 or just when I choose? Of course, Jesus was perfect, and I am not, but am I progressing towards the mark, looking more like Jesus everyday? I hope so, but not always. This incident showed me that I continually need to evaluate myself in the light of Jesus. And
the next time I need to match a color, I'm taking my artistic daughter along!