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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Liquid Prayer

At the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference this week during the Thursday general session, God's presence began to move among the audience. When the keynote speaker addressed us to write with power, passion and purpose, my heart stirred . I felt His calling. As we worshiped, I began to weep. A heavy burden fell on me for those who turned their backs on Him. My heart ached for them. They not know what they do, what they are turning away from.

I wept for those who walked blindly, not knowing the amazing love God offered. Why don't they accept His offer of love? My friend asked me if I was okay, but I didn't answer. I couldn't stop crying and had to run into the bathroom. My tears continued to flow. My Spirit grieved for the lost and dying. I ran into a bathroom stall and cried out to the Lord. What are we to do? What am I to do?

I hadn't wanted to come to the conference, but I wanted to bring my friend. My life is so filled with friends, ministry, work, art, reading and writing. Yet I wanted my good companion, who never went to a conference, to attend. So off we ventured. Now God confronted me with His heart. I must continue to reach out in love to those in need and utilize the opportunities He presents, which are sometimes writing related and sometimes not.

Prayer needs to be my major focus and He confirmed that today. While reading in Timothy, the commentary pointed out the importance of passion in prayer. He referred to Spurgeon's ministry called "liquid prayer." My heart leapt. That is what God did at the conference. He moved me to liquid prayer
and showed Me His aching heart.

I've known this type of prayer before. It motivated me to write Letters to God on a Prodigal Son, Overcoming Addiction through Prayer. But now God moved in the same way to cry out for others I did not even know. For me, that was the theme of the conference. The reason to write.
In the past I've reached out to help others through my personal experiences, which I will continue to do. Yet now I will be praying more and petitioning the Lord with "liquid prayer."