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Monday, January 5, 2015

A Weekly Word

While praying during this New Year's Day, the Lord gave me some very specific assignments,one of which was to write a Weekly Word on this blog. this is for all the Maratha's that have felt condemned:

"Martha, Martha I do not condemn you.You are like the disciple whom I called to feed the sheep. I call you to take what I have given you and to feed others.
I do not disapprove of you, but encourage you.If you want to feed the multitudes, then you must wait on Me like Mary. Sit at My feet and soak in My presence. Eat of the words of life I speak to you.Drink of the heavenly rain I pour out on you.

Many are troubled and confused as it was in My day. Give them heavenly food to feed their souls, for this is what they lack. You can only do that by quieting your own spirit, spending time with Me and listening to My Holy Spirit. This is what people are truly hungering for, Words of Life, not hunger games or gourmet meals.

Many today are the walking wounded. I call yo to bind up their wounds. I have given authority to My church to do this. Spend time with Me and experience My healing touch so you may touch others with My healing. Soak in My presence and in My spirit so you can be like a balm in Gilead, a healing presence in a perverse world. Spend time with Me, then go out among the poor and needy, the broken and fainthearted. They need what I have given you.

It may not seem much to you, like a few loaves of bread or a couple of fish, but I am in the multiplying business. When you surrender what yo have to Me I will multiply it and feed the multitudes.