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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Do Not Fear Your Enemies

Do not be fearful of the evil that is befalling Christians. Know and trust that I see all the plans of the wicked and those who scheme against My people. As in the days of the Roman Emperors who tried to annihilate Christians, though they martyred them yet they could not kill Christianity, which later spread throughout the Roman Empire.

So it is today as always. I have given mankind a choice between good or evil. Man often chooses what is expedient for him. The other problem lies in deception, either by self or by others. I have made it simple and laid the plan of salvation through My Son, Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life.

Anyone who plots against Him or My people will come to naught. They may think highly of their ideas or ideals, but in the end they will be destroyed. Though I desire for all mankind to come to know My Son, not all choose My way. Those who choose the straight and narrow path will wind up in a broad place. Keep storing up good treasure in heaven, for one day you will reap an eternal reward.

Do not let the father of lies deceive you. Store up good treasure by the strength of the Holy Spirit and the good works He gives you to do. Walk in uprightness of character and heart by leaning on My Son and every word that proceeds from Us.
Focus your attention on what I am doing on the earth and not on what the enemy has accomplished. Understand that many have been deceived. Pray for your enemies that they may see truth. Do not fear them. Be the light to them.