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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Dividing Stone: No One Can Escape It!

After many years in the incubator, the long awaited novel, The Dividing Stone, will soon hit the bookstores! Peppered with mystery and intrigue, The Dividing Stone is sure to draw you in and keep you wondering. This supernatural novel  engages the reader with interesting characters, an exciting plot, and a dash of historical fiction. The tale focuses on a treacherous plot to destroy Christian marriages and divide churches. But a young potter, Margo Pierson holds the key to victory--a tattered letter, an insatiable curiosity and empowered prayer!

Set on a quest to discover her mysterious ancestor, Margo Pierson, is catapulted into a battle to overcome a sinister society bent on annihilating Christians. On a hunch, she and her husband uncover a cryptic stone that thrusts them headlong on a path of destruction. While others are caught off guard, Margo senses an evil presence and comes face to face with the master manipulator, Bill Guiles. Through his devious devices she gets tangled in his web, until she is rescued by an unlikely character. In a struggle to posses the stone, the dark secrets of its origin  are revealed.

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Here's what others have to say:

 “Move over, Frank Peretti. Meet Anita Estes, an upstate New York author, who appears to have a winner with her latest book The Dividing Stone. The book has all the elements Peretti's fans crave: intrigue, action, suspense and most importantly, spiritual warfare and the ultimate power of prayer. This is a real page-turner for those who like an engaging read where good overcomes evil.”                                                              Paula Ann Mitchell — Hudson Valley Journalist

The Dividing Stone: a thought provoking, thrilling story which chronicles the struggle of good
versus evil in a complex world of deceit, darkness, and power mongering. Both the protagonist and author share a voracious curiosity that leads to illumination. Read it, breathe it, hear it, feel it!”   
                                                           Evelyn Gross Whitebay – Educator, Advocate, Speaker

"The Dividing Stone shrouds the reader in intrigue, suspense, and mystery, then infiltrates your thoughts of good vs. evil.  A wickedly good and exciting adventure that takes one through a labyrinth of fascinating twists and turns. I consider this book a valued treasure in my library and mind."                                                   Amy L. Levis — Author, Educator, Illustrator

  "A suspenseful read  that you won't want to put down. Darkness and light collide in this compelling tale. Spiritual battles come to life in this mysterious cauldron of  events."                                                          
                                                                Cheryl Peterson--Children's Book Writer