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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Be Encouraged, Equipped and Empowered

 Today I'm featuring author, Pamela D. Smith, and her new book,  E3: Encouraged, Equipped, Empowered, which is an inspirational read that discusses everyday life topics while providing tips that will Encourage you to face each day with grace, Equip you to handle life's difficulties, and Empower you to live the abundant life that Christ came for you to live.
 Have you ever found yourself in a season of discouragement or ever felt ill-equipped or dis-empowered? It's normal to experience seasonal low points but oftentimes we get stuck in those seasons and we don't fight for what's rightfully ours. You have a right to live a full life. E3: Encouraged, Equipped, and Empowered is a book that will give you a deep urgency to change. It will give you the desire to make lifestyle changes, do some soul searching and begin to develop spiritually.  It's not a two-step exit plan out of Corporate America or a promise of riches but it will motivate, uplift, and inspire you to a point where you can deal with everyday life.

Excerpts from the book:

Sometimes we search outside for answers that can only be found within. Life does not stop just because you face a hardship. You will continue to remain discouraged if you keep making emotional decisions. There should come a point in life where you trust your spirit. 

 Purpose and Power: When you begin to seek your purpose you will begin to crave more from life. Your desire won't be limited to just surviving.  Discovering and operating in your purpose is a display of power. Not everyone has the courage to do so. Do not allow every area of your life to be defined by someone or something else. If you really want to discover your purpose you must be engaged in what is "now" occurring in your life. There must be an awareness. In the United States judicial system a discovery is made by evidence being disclosed. An interrogation may take place by the opposing parties. This allows the other party to build a defense. The only way you will discover your purpose is by searching your soul for evidence of what you were created to do. Be warned though: your opponent will surface and try to interrogate you and talk you out of moving into your purpose.

Image and Integrity: There are some characteristics attached to a person of integrity. When your image is coupled with integrity you do not just wear makeup that makes you look flawless but you are "made up" of honesty. You are not just dressed in the latest fashion but you are also clothed with kindness. It's not okay to be cute but a con. It's not okay to be trendy but not trustworthy. What makes your image the part is when you exemplify the fruit of the Spirit.

Other chapters on:  Gratitude and Giving, Grace and Growth, Gossip and Grudges

Healing and Wholeness: In order to be whole you must first be healed. In order to be healed you must first have a mental transformation, second you must accept love and grace, and third you must change the things about yourself that you know are depleting you.

Prayer and Perseverance

The Word or the World: Your help comes from the word and not the world. You can't always conform to the world's way of doing things. There must be enough word in order for you to not be seduced by the world. 

Selflessness and Service: The most important assignment that we have been given is that of service. Yielding yourself to service will bring a satisfaction that money cannot bring. Everything is not about you. It's for the greater good of all of humanity. When you serve others you are giving yourself completely to God and allowing yourself to be used for His purpose.

Love and Losses: Love is the most powerful force in the universe. When you operate in love you are operating at your highest self.  Love is also a creative force. If you disperse love into an atmosphere of chaos, a spirit of calmness will overtake it.  When you release the divine power of love you will experience miraculous transformations. 

About the author:  Pamela D. Smith is an author, speaker, and Christian teacher and mentor. She is passionate about spirituality and personal development. She is known for her motivational speeches and her inspirational writing. She has spent numerous years on her own inner personal development and has learned how to gracefully navigate through life encouraged, equipped, and empowered. She is available to speak at women conferences, seminars, and churches. She is also available to teach at bible study and Sunday school classes. Her first level of ministry is within her home. She is a wife and the mother of 3 boys.

Why she wrote the book: I have known for years that God was calling me to encouraged other women. When He revealed to me why I had gone through so much discouragement, spent so many days being ill-equipped and dis-empowered I figured that the book would be a great way to start my ministry and reach people that I may not ever come into physical contact with. 

Inspiration for writing  the book: Having gone through and taking what I felt like was a long time to get through I wanted to give people tips and tools that I did not have available. I wanted to tell them things to help them that no one ever told me. I believe that all of humanity has a responsibility to give as we get. I came to a point in my life where I felt so Encouraged, Equipped, and Empowered so I wanted to do something to give the same to others.