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Saturday, October 3, 2015

God is in the Details


Two years ago a friend and I planned to see the Newsboys Christian band up at Lake George, but as often happens other more important commitments prevented us from going. I was a little disappointed as I loved the Newsboys songs and lyrics, especially the old ones. Well, life continued and I heard the group was breaking up or reforming and losing some of their original members. I figured that was an opportunity that God didn’t think was that important, so I forgot all about it.

A month ago, I passed by a marquee announcing that the lead songwriter/singer for the Newboys would be playing at a local church. Wow! Here in our little city. It wasn’t the whole band, but at least it was one of the most important ones. I figured I’d ask a friend and we’d go. But of course, I never got around to purchasing a ticket because, as a teacher, September is just too busy to think of hardly anything else but school (and editing my debut novel, The Dividing Stone). So was again that event was pushed to the back burner even though I passed the sign everyday on my way home from work.

Then the neatest thing happened. A friend texted me that she won tickets to the concert and asked me if I wanted to go. I responded in the affirmative and was excited. But there was one little snag; I was getting my tooth pulled that day and my husband warned me of the horrors of it. Still, I held onto the hope that I would be able to attend. I wasn’t sure how good it would be with one guy playing and singing, but I still wanted to go. I figured I’d just take some aspirin after.

When I got to the dentist’s office and read all the horrifying things that could happen from a tooth extraction, I nearly fainted. I could die in the oral surgeon’s chair. Wow! Maybe I didn’t need to get that tooth pulled! Yet, the surgeon said it needed to come out. Ok, I said meekly and was lulled into accepting laughing gas, which I didn’t find funny at all.

So cutting to the chase, my friend and I were able to go, to her surprise and delight. The warm up band at the venue, Changepoint Church was so good I thought it was an opening band. The worship was terrific! Then came the Newsboy, PeterFurler and two other musicians from Audio Adrenaline, one of my daughter’s favorite bands. They rocked the house! Peter started with Beautiful, one of his newer songs, which I love. Then he played a series of songs I like and my favorite song , “I’m Not Afraid” with the famous line, “I’m not afraid to speak the name of Jesus Christ.” It was if the whole band was there and I worshiped in complete joy and surrender. God knew how much I wanted to hear some of these amazing songs, and Peter played them all—“He Reigns”, “Shine”, “It is You”, “I’m Alive” and one I love that I didn’t know he wrote, “I Am Free. With the spots lights and floodlights, replete with smoke, sweeping the church’s chambered ceiling, I was in heaven. Tears whelmed up in my eyes and nearly spilled over. God had provided everything! I didn’t even have to buy the tickets or do anything, but let my friend pick me up and drive there. God is just so awesome. He figured out every detail for me, so I could relax and enjoy both the music and worship, even with a tooth extracted that morning.
Isn’t He incredible? He’s in every detail of our lives, if we let Him be!