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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Not for The Faint-hearted

As we were vacationing near the Robert Frost Trail in Vermont, I decided to take a walk one morning and penned a few poems. Here is one inspired by the poem, The Path Not Taken:

The Chosen Path

He has led me to the woods
Deep into the forest
                        on a path few have chosen
                        yet chosen for me.

It is a path most guarded
                        from imposters and soothsayers.
                                    though some wanders have found it:
            I am called.

It is a road of promise,
            less trodden than others;
                                                for initially it may be filled with briars.

                        It leads up a steep hill
not for the faint-hearted.
Then plunges into the depths of the vale
along a solid rock mountain wall.

It journeys for some steps
in the valley
                                                by the footfall of mankind.
So that you may be given His heart.

Some slip upon the sparkling brook mosses
            and loose your balance.
Hold My hand, My child
He whispers softly.

You look up to the steep mount,
            and the windy, crooked path
                                    that only sheep and mountain goats
                        can negotiate
                                                such narrow passage,
You shake your head in fear.

But His eyes pierce your soul,
and you take His hand.
"Come," He calls.
                        "Come," He calls again.
                                    "And find green pasture."

"Trust Me." His hand extends.
 We can make this journey."

It is a path