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Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Lost Earring Can Teach You A Lot

Searching frantically though my jewelry box, I couldn’t find the matching crystal earring I sought. A few years ago I had lost the matching necklace and searched, to no avail, for a replacement. Finally, two years later I found something to my satisfaction, a sparkling pink crystal heart. Now one of the earrings was lost! I continued my quest in every drawer, box, sachet and container that held jewelry. (I have a thing for small, decorated boxes and earrings!) I rifled through luggage, makeup cases, pocketbooks, beach bags and the car. The search continued for days. Nothing! 

Though I know it seems silly to pray for something so small, while others are losing their lives for Jesus, I asked the Lord if He would direct me to it. I looked a little here and there, but I was going to a friend’s barbecue and would have to forgo the search. I debated whether or not to wear my new t-shirt that proclaimed, “Prayer the world’s greatest wireless connection.” I didn’t want to appear pushy in front of my teacher friends, but I decided to wear it.

The next day during my “quiet time,” the Lord encouraged me to continue to look for the lost earring—that it indeed was in the house, hidden beneath something. So I got up and went to look in the jewelry box one last time. I pulled out the drawers, but found nothing. I took out all the jewelry in the top case, even the “singles group” with no matching partners. As I untangled the mess, a glittering small crystal caught my eye. I probed further and a beautiful pink Swarovski crystal appeared! I was elated, but confused.  I’d looked through that drawer so many times and never found it before, why now? I wondered.

So thankful for having found the earring and rejoicing, I went back to continue my Bible study, when a profound insight gripped my spirit. God searches for His lost sheep just as thoroughly as I searched for my lost earring. He cares so much for every one of his children that He doesn’t give up. He will look under every box we have hidden ourselves, every rock where we are pressed under, and every tangled mess we have gotten into. His love is so deep and so wide he never stops searching until He finds who he is searching for. 

I was so thrilled to locate my lost earring because I now had a match with the sparkling pink heart necklace. So too, God and his angels rejoice with glorious song when He finds one of His lost sheep. Though we once pierced his heart with our wandering, His great love searched us out. What great joy it brings to the heart of God when someone lost is found!