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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Unmasking the Real Enemy

Whether we know it or not, we are engaged in a spiritual battle taking place in the heavenly realm! As I was doing Priscilla Shires' study, Armor of God, I was struck how, The Dividing Stone, so closely  paralleled both her book and the movie,"War Room". Our intent is the same--to awaken us to the strategies of the enemy of our soul, Satan. 

He uses a number of different tactics, but one of the primary ways he works is to first deceive us that he doesn't even exist! That way he can get to know our weaknesses without us being alert to his presence. Lucifer, who was once an angel of light, is very good at disguising himself. He's a sheep in wolf's clothing and can appear to be an angel of light, because he's the father of lies and deception.

But it doesn't stop there! His emissaries are working behind the scenes to cause division among us as we can see happening in this country.Hatred, bitterness, and anger are his calling card. Addictions is his specialty. Death is his aim, and now there's a novel that unmasks it all!

Peppered with mystery and intrigue, The Dividing Stone is sure to draw you in and keep you guessing. This supernatural novel  engages the reader with interesting characters, an exciting plot, and a dash of historical fiction. The tale focuses on a treacherous plot to destroy marriages and divide churches. But a young potter, Margo Pierson holds the key to victory--a tattered letter, a vision, insatiable curiosity and empowered prayer!

Set on a quest to discover her mysterious ancestor, Margo Pierson, is catapulted into a battle to overcome a sinister society bent on annihilating Christians. On a hunch, she and her husband uncover a cryptic stone that thrusts them headlong on a path of destruction. While others are caught off guard, Margo senses an evil presence and comes face to face with the handsomely cunning Bill Guiles. Through his devious devices she gets tangled in his web, until she is rescued by an unlikely character. and the power of prayer! In a struggle to posses the stone, the dark secrets of its origin  are revealed.
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